W3C CSS Test Suite Repository
approved/ is for tests that have been reviewed and approved.
Approved tests are managed as a common resource.
Do not touch anything here unless you are a test suite Owner
or Peer, or have permission from one and know what you are doing.

contributors/ contains a directory for each test suite contributor.
Tests inside a contributor's directory are managed by that contributor.
Do not touch anything outside your own directory unless you have
permission from the directory's owner or from a test suite Owner
or Peer.

tools/ is random scripts that may be useful when administering tests.

Absolutely everyone is welcome (and even encouraged) to contribute to test
development, so long as you fulfill the contribution requirements detailed
in the [Contributing Guidelines][contributing]. No test is too small or too
simple, especially if it corresponds to something for which you've noted an
interoperability bug in a browser.

Write Access

To gain write access to this repository, sign up for an account
on the CSS Test Suite Manager (aka Shepherd) at:
and then submit a request on the Repository Access page at:

You will be notified by email when your request is processed.

[contributing]: https://github.com/rhauck/csswg-test/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md
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