Test passes if the two columns are the same, IGNORING the suffix.

    x. x
    xi. xi
    xii. xii
    xliii. xliii
    lxxvii. lxxvii
    lxxx. lxxx
    xcix. xcix
    c. c
    ci. ci
    ccxxii. ccxxii
    dxl. dxl
    cmxcix. cmxcix
    m. m
    mv. mv
    mlx. mlx
    mlxv. mlxv
    mdccc. mdccc
    mdccclx. mdccclx
    mdccclxv. mdccclxv
    mmdlv. mmdlv
    mmm. mmm
    mmmcmxcix. mmmcmxcix