CSS Counter Styles Level 3 CR Test Suite

APIs (20 tests)

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+ 9 APIs
+ 9.1 Extensions to the CSSRule interface
+ 9.2 The CSSCounterStyleRule interface
cssom-additive-symbols-setter = CSSCounterStyleRule additiveSymbols setter
cssom-additive-symbols-setter-invalid = CSSCounterStyleRule additiveSymbols setter with invalid values
cssom-fallback-setter = CSSCounterStyleRule fallback setter
cssom-fallback-setter-invalid = CSSCounterStyleRule fallback setter with invalid values
cssom-name-setter = CSSCounterStyleRule name setter
cssom-name-setter-invalid = CSSCounterStyleRule name setter with invalid values
cssom-negative-setter = CSSCounterStyleRule negative setter
cssom-negative-setter-invalid = CSSCounterStyleRule negative setter with invalid values
cssom-pad-setter = CSSCounterStyleRule pad setter
cssom-pad-setter-invalid = CSSCounterStyleRule pad setter with invalid values
cssom-prefix-suffix-setter = CSSCounterStyleRule prefix and suffix setters
cssom-prefix-suffix-setter-invalid = CSSCounterStyleRule prefix and suffix setters with invalid values
cssom-range-setter = CSSCounterStyleRule range setter
cssom-range-setter-invalid = CSSCounterStyleRule range setter with invalid values
cssom-symbols-setter = CSSCounterStyleRule symbols setter
cssom-symbols-setter-invalid = CSSCounterStyleRule symbols setter with invalid values
cssom-system-setter-1 = CSSCounterStyleRule system setter with 'fixed' system
cssom-system-setter-2 = CSSCounterStyleRule system setter with 'extends' system
cssom-system-setter-invalid = CSSCounterStyleRule system setter with invalid values
csscounterstylerule Script CSSOM - CSSCounterStyleRule interface