CSS2.1 Test Suite

Aural style sheets (0 tests)

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+ A.1 The media types 'aural' and 'speech'
+ A.2 Introduction to aural style sheets
+ A.2.1 Angles
+ A.2.2 Times
+ A.2.3 Frequencies
+ A.3 Volume properties: 'volume'
+ A.4 Speaking properties: 'speak'
+ A.5 Pause properties: 'pause-before', 'pause-after', and 'pause'
+ A.6 Cue properties: 'cue-before', 'cue-after', and 'cue'
+ A.7 Mixing properties: 'play-during'
+ A.8 Spatial properties: 'azimuth' and 'elevation'
+ A.9 Voice characteristic properties: 'speech-rate', 'voice-family', 'pitch', 'pitch-range', 'stress', and 'richness'
+ A.10 Speech properties: 'speak-punctuation' and 'speak-numeral'
+ A.11 Audio rendering of tables
+ A.11.1 Speaking headers: the 'speak-header' property
+ A.12 Sample style sheet for HTML
+ A.13 Emacspeak