CSS Transforms Module Test Suite

The ‘perspective-origin’ Property (2 tests)

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+ 11 The ‘perspective-origin’ Property
transform3d-perspective-009 = 'perspective-origin' and translate()
  • This tests that 'perspective' and 'perspective-origin' have the same effect as an appropriately calculated sequence of translate() and perspective(). The reference file's body has a width of 400px and a height of 100px, so the perspective-origin should be (200, 50). The transform-origin is 'top', which works out to (50, 0). Thus we translate by (150, 50) to get the right origin.
transform3d-perspective-origin-001 = perspective-origin
  • This tests that 'perspective-origin: 0 0' is the same as 'perspective-origin: top left', different from no 'perspective-origin', and different from no perspective or no transform.