CSS Color Module Level 3 Conformance Test Suite

Color units (4 tests)

Test Refs Flags Info
+ 4 Color units
+ 4.1 Basic color keywords
+ 4.2 Numerical color values
+ 4.2.1 RGB color values
+ 4.2.2 RGBA color values
rgba-011 Script rgba() function syntax (complex)
  • This test checks the syntax allowed by rgba() function. White space characters, instead of commas, are allowed between numerical values. <alpha-value> can be omitted for rgba() function, in which case it must defaults to 100%. Finally, rgba() function can take real numbers but their computed values will be rounded to the nearest integer, with values halfway between adjacent integers rounded towards positive infinity.
+ 4.2.3 ‘transparent’ color keyword
+ 4.2.4 HSL color values
+ HSL examples
+ 4.2.5 HSLA color values
+ 4.3 Extended color keywords
+ 4.4 ‘currentColor’ color keyword
box-shadow-currentcolor = 'box-shadow' respects 'currentcolor'
color-stop-currentcolor = 'color-stop' on linear-gradient respects 'currentcolor'
text-shadow-currentcolor = 'text-shadow' respects 'currentcolor'
+ 4.5 CSS system colors
+ 4.5.1 CSS2 system colors
+ 4.6 Notes on using colors