CSS Color Module Level 4 CR Test Suite

Color Keywords (7 tests)

Test Refs Flags Info
+ 6 Color Keywords
+ 6.1 Named Colors
named-001 = CSS Color 4: Named colors
  • New named color, rebeccapurple
+ 6.2 System Colors
system-color-valid Script CSS Color Module Level 4: parsing system color keywords
  • system color keyword support
+ 6.3 The transparent keyword
+ 6.4 The currentcolor keyword
caret-color-007 Interact caret-color: currentColor
  • Test checks that caret-color:currentColor is inherited as currentColor and resolves to the value of the color property at used value time
caret-color-009 DOM/JSScript caret-color computed values
  • Test checks that the resolved value of auto, currentcolor and initial for caret-color property, is the used value.
currentcolor-001 = CSS Color 4: currentcolor
  • The keyword currentcolor takes its value from the value of the color property on the same element.
currentcolor-002 = CSS Color 4: currentcolor
  • This happens at used-value time, which means that if the value is inherited, it’s inherited as currentcolor, not as the value of the color property, so descendants will use their own color property to resolve it.
multicol-rule-color-inherit-002 = Ahem column-rule-color: inherit (complex)
  • In this test, div#parent's computed 'column-rule-color' is given by div#parent's 'currentcolor' (a reserved keyword) and not 'red'. Then div.child's 'column-rule-color' take such specified value ('currentcolor') from its parent (due to 'inherit' keyword) and not 'red'. And then, it is applied to div.child's 'column-rule-color'.