CSS Fonts Module Level 4 CR Test Suite

Font Resources (14 tests)

Test Refs Flags Info
+ 4 Font Resources
+ 4.1 The @font-face rule
at-font-face-descriptors Script Testing @font-face descriptor values introduced in CSS Fonts level 4
+ 4.2 Font family: the font-family descriptor
+ 4.3 Font reference: the src descriptor
font-opentype-collections Script Testing support for OpenType collections in @font-face rules
format-specifiers-variations Script Supported format specifiers should load
  • Supported format specifiers should load
+ 4.3.1 Parsing the src descriptor
+ 4.3.2 Loading an individual item in the src descriptor
+ 4.3.3 Selecting items in the src
+ @font-face format types
+ @font-face requirements
+ Local font fallback
+ 4.4 Font property descriptors: the font-style, font-weight, and font-stretch descriptors
font-descriptor-range-reversed = Matching @font-face font-weight, font-style, and font-stretch descriptors with reversed ranges
+ 4.5 Character range: the unicode-range descriptor
+ 4.5.1 Using character ranges to define composite fonts
+ 4.6 Font features and variations: the font-feature-settings and font-variation-settings descriptors
font-variant-05 = font-variant descriptor in @font-face rule is overriden by equivalent style rules
  • Setting ‘font-variant-ligatures’ properties will override the same properties set in the @font-face rule. But properties set there and not explicitly turned off or on later remain set.
font-variant-descriptor-01 = font-variant: normal; low level equivalence
  • These descriptors define initial settings that apply when the font defined by an @font-face rule is rendered
+ 4.7 Using named instances from variable fonts: the font-named-instance descriptor
+ 4.8 Font request guidelines
+ 4.8.1 Font loading guidelines
+ 4.8.2 Font fetching requirements
+ 4.9 Controlling Font Display Per Font-Face: the font-display descriptor
font-display = Test for font-display @font-face descriptor
font-display-change = Updating font-display value while loading
font-display-preload = font-display should work for preloaded fonts
+ 4.9.1 Controlling Font Display Per Font-Family via @font-feature-values
+ 4.10 Default font language overriding: the font-language-override descriptor
+ 4.11 Default font metrics overriding: the ascent-override, descent-override and line-gap-override descriptors
ascent-descent-override = Tests the ascent-override and descent-override descriptors of @font-face
fontface-override-descriptor-getter-setter.sub Script Tests getters and setters of the font metrics override descriptors of FontFace
fontface-override-descriptors = Tests that the ascentOverride, descentOverride and lineGapOverride attributes of FontFace work
line-gap-override = Tests the line-gap-override descriptor of @font-face
metrics-override-normal-keyword = Tests the 'normal' keyword on descriptors ascent-override, descent-override and line-gap-override