CSS Multi-column Layout Module Level 1 CR Test Suite

The Multi-Column Model (15 tests)

Test Refs Flags Info
+ 2 The Multi-Column Model
extremely-tall-multicol-with-extremely-tall-child-crash extremely tall multicolumn container with extremely tall inline-block inside
  • This tests that we get no crash if we put an extremely tall inline-block inside an extremely tall multicol container. Engines typically have some maximum limit for how large values they can represent. If the value is large enough to become 'infinity', the engine should still not crash
going-out-of-flow-after-spanner Taking the sole box after a spanner out of flow, then remove it
  • An absolutely positioned box is still contained by the multicol container if its containing block is inside the multicol container
multicol-fill-balance-nested-000 =
multicol-margin-003 = multi-column and margin bottom of last child
  • This test checks the margin-bottom of the last child of a multi-column should not affect its parent's margin-bottom.
multicol-span-all-009 = Test the multicol element is the containing block of absolute elements
  • This test checks the multicol element, not the column boxes divided by column-span, is the containing block of absolute elements.
multicol-span-all-010 = Test the position of the out-of-flow block is relative to the later fragment divided by the column-span:all
  • This test checks the position of the out-of-flow block is relative to the latre fragment divided by the column-span:all.
multicol-width-003 = Ahem column-width (basic)
  • Test to check that the multicol container and not the column box becomes the containing box
nested-at-outer-boundary-as-fieldset =
nested-at-outer-boundary-as-float =
nested-at-outer-boundary-as-legend =
nested-with-too-tall-line =
multicol-gap-animation-001 Script column-gap test animation
  • Test checks that column-gap is an animatable property, and that the computed values during the animation are the expected ones.
multicol-gap-animation-002 Script column-gap normal test animation
  • Test checks that 'normal' value for column-gap property is not interpolable.
multicol-gap-animation-003 Script Default column-gap test animation
  • Test checks that the default value for column-gap property, which is 'normal', is not interpolable.
multicol-gap-percentage-001 Script column-gap supports percentages
  • This test checks the behavior of precentage column-gap in different situations depending on the multicol container size.