The text is arranged in pairs of three-letter 'words'. Test passes if the words in each pair match
If you are missing a font glyph for a character, ignore that pair, but report which characters were ignored.

Ⱡⱡⱡ Ⱡⱡⱡ Ⱥⱥⱥ Ⱥⱥⱥ Ⱦⱦⱦ Ⱦⱦⱦ Ⱨⱨⱨ Ⱨⱨⱨ Ⱪⱪⱪ Ⱪⱪⱪ Ⱬⱬⱬ Ⱬⱬⱬ Ⱳⱳⱳ Ⱳⱳⱳ Ⱶⱶⱶ Ⱶⱶⱶ