The text is arranged in pairs of three-letter 'words'. Test passes if the words in each pair match
If you are missing a font glyph for a character, ignore that pair, but report which characters were ignored.

Aaa Aaa Bbb Bbb Ccc Ccc Ddd Ddd Eee Eee Fff Fff Ggg Ggg Hhh Hhh Iii Iii Jjj Jjj Kkk Kkk Lll Lll Mmm Mmm Nnn Nnn Ooo Ooo Ppp Ppp Qqq Qqq Rrr Rrr Sss Sss Ttt Ttt Uuu Uuu Vvv Vvv Www Www Xxx Xxx Yyy Yyy Zzz Zzz