The text is arranged in pairs of three-letter 'words'. Test passes if the words in each pair match
If you are missing a font glyph for a character, ignore that pair, but report which characters were ignored.

𐐀𐐨𐐨 𐐀𐐨𐐨 𐐁𐐩𐐩 𐐁𐐩𐐩 𐐂𐐪𐐪 𐐂𐐪𐐪 𐐃𐐫𐐫 𐐃𐐫𐐫 𐐄𐐬𐐬 𐐄𐐬𐐬 𐐅𐐭𐐭 𐐅𐐭𐐭 𐐆𐐮𐐮 𐐆𐐮𐐮 𐐇𐐯𐐯 𐐇𐐯𐐯 𐐈𐐰𐐰 𐐈𐐰𐐰 𐐉𐐱𐐱 𐐉𐐱𐐱 𐐊𐐲𐐲 𐐊𐐲𐐲 𐐋𐐳𐐳 𐐋𐐳𐐳 𐐌𐐴𐐴 𐐌𐐴𐐴 𐐍𐐵𐐵 𐐍𐐵𐐵 𐐎𐐶𐐶 𐐎𐐶𐐶 𐐏𐐷𐐷 𐐏𐐷𐐷 𐐐𐐸𐐸 𐐐𐐸𐐸 𐐑𐐹𐐹 𐐑𐐹𐐹 𐐒𐐺𐐺 𐐒𐐺𐐺 𐐓𐐻𐐻 𐐓𐐻𐐻 𐐔𐐼𐐼 𐐔𐐼𐐼 𐐕𐐽𐐽 𐐕𐐽𐐽 𐐖𐐾𐐾 𐐖𐐾𐐾 𐐗𐐿𐐿 𐐗𐐿𐐿 𐐘𐑀𐑀 𐐘𐑀𐑀 𐐙𐑁𐑁 𐐙𐑁𐑁 𐐚𐑂𐑂 𐐚𐑂𐑂 𐐛𐑃𐑃 𐐛𐑃𐑃 𐐜𐑄𐑄 𐐜𐑄𐑄 𐐝𐑅𐑅 𐐝𐑅𐑅 𐐞𐑆𐑆 𐐞𐑆𐑆 𐐟𐑇𐑇 𐐟𐑇𐑇 𐐠𐑈𐑈 𐐠𐑈𐑈 𐐡𐑉𐑉 𐐡𐑉𐑉 𐐢𐑊𐑊 𐐢𐑊𐑊 𐐣𐑋𐑋 𐐣𐑋𐑋 𐐤𐑌𐑌 𐐤𐑌𐑌 𐐥𐑍𐑍 𐐥𐑍𐑍 𐐦𐑎𐑎 𐐦𐑎𐑎 𐐧𐑏𐑏 𐐧𐑏𐑏