Selectors Level 4 CR Test Suite

Attribute selectors (8 tests)

Test Refs Flags Info
+ 6 Attribute selectors
attribute Script CSS Selectors Invalidation: attribute
  • This tests that the attribute selectors are effective
class-id-attr-selector-invalidation-01 = [id] and [class] attribute selectors are invalidated correctly.
missing-right-token Script Selectors: attribute selectors with missing right token
  • Checks attribute selectors with missing right token are matched.
+ 6.1 Attribute presence and value selectors
+ 6.2 Substring matching attribute selectors
+ 6.3 Case-sensitivity
embedded-and-images-presentational-hints-ascii-case-insensitive Script
  • @align values on embedded content and images are ASCII case-insensitive
lists-presentational-hints-ascii-case-insensitive Script
  • ul@type + li@type values are ASCII case-insensitive
table-border-presentational-hints-ascii-case-insensitive =
  • @rules + @frame values are ASCII case-insensitive
table-valign-baseline-ascii-case-insensitive Script
  • @valign values on table-related elements are ASCII case-insensitive
+ 6.4 Attribute selectors and namespaces
+ 6.5 Default attribute values in DTDs
+ 6.6 Class selectors
+ 6.7 ID selectors
historical-xmlid = No xml:id support